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Jade Dynasty Review

Jade Dynasty is a game published by the Chinese producer, Perfect World International. Leaving aside their other released games, Jade Dynasty is PWI’s latest and more innovative one thanks to great graphics and genuine interface.

Perfect World is known for its elaborate process of creation, and it is also a leader in the field of character personalization. There were thus high expectations of Jade Dynasty from fans.

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Introducing the Game

The action of the game starts in the Sunstream City, and then they will be introduced in the actual game. For one of the first quests, they will be demanded to wander through the town, and stop for a chat with the Tailor, Blacksmith, and Merchant. This level is followed by several others that will enable the players to win lots of points and bonuses.

The Levels

The Jade Dynasty beginner class is not very special, and there are just 4 different skills meant to be more dangerous and help the player advance. For instance, a simple strike produces 8-9 damage, and can kill several monsters immediately. During the game, players can access new weapons. Their opponents, like the monsters they meet on the way, will look different too.

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Tiers & Peers

The Jade Dynasty made its entrance as an open beta at the beginning of June, in 2009, and it still features one server for all the three regions, Europe, west US, and east US. However, each of these servers presents a wide diversity of channels that are usually labeled PVP or PVE. Regrettably, the population of these channels is quite low, and this directly affects the popularity of the game.

The good news is that while playing Jade Dynasty, you can advance relatively fast, and this is because of the “Esper system”. Espers are special pets, characteristic for this game, and they will give players access to their skills, and help them defeat their enemies. Similarly, Espers can be customized during the game, which is really advantageous.

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Game Features

Jade Dynasty comes with some pretty great game features. These include pets, mounts, as well as several other things that you are invited to discover on your own. Similarly, there is a special marriage system, which permits players to tie the knot, and earn diverse romance skills.

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The Verdict for Jade Dynasty Review

Although Jade Dynasty has amazing visual elements, it is still way too simple, and it resembles too many other games of a similar type. Also, due to the limited customization alternatives and the reduced number of classes, it is a rather difficult game which most players will avoid. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play the game.  The overall visuals and graphics are rather appealing, and will certainly allow you to enjoy your time playing.

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